"I want one in every room in my house."

Lil Chizler
Credit: Amazon

This article originally appeared on Real Simple

We're always on the lookout for cleaning tools that make life easier without making our chores harder, and when our editors discovered the Lil Chizler, we were hooked. Finally, we had an affordable, easy-to-use tool that allowed us to really get into the cracks and crevices in our homes, scraping away years of grimy build up. The small credit card-sized device has certainly changed the way many of our editors clean their homes, and we know you'll love it, too. Professionals even use it in cleaning school!

Originally intended for scraping ice off of windshields, the small plastic scraper can now be used safely on almost any surface in your home—it won't scratch furniture or damage any countertop. Abbey Kuster-Prokell, Real Simple art director, first alerted us to the Lil Chizler, and says she wants one for "every room in [her] home."

"I just find so many uses for it," Prokell said. "It's so satisfying to get the gunk off of the countertop, the fridge, or the pans. It makes me really happy."

You can use it to remove baked grime in your oven, scum from your bathtub, dirt buildup on the seams of your faucet, or grout from your tiles. Crafters also love it—it helps apply decals, paint, and glue without leaving any air bubbles or uneven edges. Check out Lil Chizler's 1001 uses for a multitude of ways to use this tiny device in your own home.

It's not just our editors—YouTubers love it too. Watch as it removes grease and grime buildup—it's completely mesmerizing. Order your Lil Chizler on Amazon and let us know what your favorite use is!