Dr. Oz weighs in on this most convenient grab and go supper.

Costco Kirkland Signature Rotisserie Chicken
Tim Boyle / Staff/ Getty Images
| Credit: Tim Boyle / Staff/ Getty Images

For most Americans, it's not a Costco run if it doesn't involve sliding one of the store's signature $5 rotisserie chickens into the buggy. We get it y'all. They're delicious, affordable, and borderline addicting. But are they healthy?

Determined to unlock the mysteries of the beloved meat, Dr. Oz called upon food journalist Mark Schatzker. On The Dr. Oz Show, Schatzker revealed that rotisserie chicken isn't exactly all-natural. According to Schatzker, the birds are often ″pre-seasoned in factories″ before they're shipped to supermarkets where ″an employee can put it on the skewer and cook it.″ And as for why they're so addicting? Schatzker likened them to potato chips, noting that they contain several craving-inducing ingredients like sugar and salt. In addition, the skin is flavored with MSG, sugar and other flavors. Despite all that, Dr. Oz still reassured viewers that rotisserie chickens are ″one of the healthiest processed foods out there," adding that removing the skin makes it even healthier.

So overall, we'd say the results were pretty positive, and at least as far as delicious vices go, you can do a lot worse.