Preventing bug bites just got a lot sweeter.

Woman Applying Bug Spray
Credit: Getty Images

When the temperature begins to permanently hover above ninety degrees, it's a clear indication that summer is officially in full swing down South. Another tell-tale sign? The mosquitos come out to play, leaving behind a trail of not-so-cute love bites on our arms and legs. While we know we should always protect ourselves with bug spray, we sometimes… don't. Anyone who has ever picked up repellent at the drugstore knows that it doesn't necessarily smell (or feel) the best thanks to the chemical stench and sticky formula. But ladies, we have good news: We've finally found a bug spray that actually smells good.

Smart Armor Perfume Spray
Credit: Intelligent Nutrient

When we came across Intelligent Nutrients' Smart Armor Perfume Spray ($31,, the first thig we noticed was the adorable bat on the packaging—a playful departure from typical bottles of repellent. (Fun fact: Bats can eat up to a thousand mosquitos in an hour). The organic spray is DEET-free, meaning there are no harsh chemicals in it. Instead, it's made with a hydrating blend of essential oils, including soybean oil which is shown to protect from bites.

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The oil mix also give it a warm, spicy aroma. It has a base of cedar and clove with top notes of peppermint, lemongrass and geranium. Then citronella and rosemary scents are layered throughout, making it feel like you're spritzing on a chic perfume. It smells so good, you'll forget that you're even wearing a bug repellent—and you may even start using it when you're not outdoors.