Even if you catch only smiles from your family, it's worth the time it takes to cast a line into a nearby lake.


Luring my children away from the TV or computer for a little fresh air and exercise has always been a challenge. But mention fishing, and they're out the door before I can grab my sunscreen and keys.

Easy, Inexpensive Fun
I began taking my kids fishing before they were old enough to bait their own hooks. It's a great family pastime as well as a tradition passed down from my grandparents, who always included me in their hobby. Together we learned about patience, relaxing, and how to enjoy nature.

One of the best things about fishing is that you don't need expensive equipment. Purchased as a kit, spin casting rods can cost less than $25 each and include everything you'll need--except bait.

We've fished mountain streams, public lakes, private ponds, and the Gulf of Mexico. But our favorite spot is Lake Inferior, a pretty little pond owned and named by a friend whose love of fishing is rivaled only by her sense of humor.

Our latest expedition to LakeInferior was a bust for catching fish but a total success for family fun. The minnows we took along as bait gained something too--their freedom.

This article is from the June 2005 issue of Southern Living.