House plants come with surprising health benefits.

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House plants come with surprising health benefits, such as the ability to reduce the owner's blood pressure, as well as improve concentration and memory. For those stuck in areas without greenery, here are five ways to incorporate plants in your home for maximum health benefits.

Find unconventional ways to hang plants. A green wall or mounted planters can instantly boost indoor shrubbery without taking up much space. Attach a ceramic wall planter to your cabinets or window ledges for $17. Buy it here.

Select plants that double as air purifiers. Peace lilies, English ivy or Gerber daisies soak up toxins from everyday products like cleaning supplies and fabrics. These air purifying shrubs could cost you between $6-$30.

Give your bath mat a natural face-lift with moss! The simple DIY takes minutes to create and offers an extra dose of relaxation. Get a pack of moss for your bathroom for just $13. Buy it here.

Growing herbs not only increases your home's green, but it could also bring a flavorful boost to your recipes. An AeroGarden Harvest grower minimizes the stress of nurturing plants. This no-mess planter lets you know when to water and feed your herbs for $85. Buy it here.

For those without a green thumb, adding woodsy scents can also do the trick! Selecting scents like white cypress, rosemary or eucalyptus will give your home a forest feel without the labor. Pop a reed diffuser in your home for $15. Buy it here.

If you don't have time or space for a garden, you can still reap the health benefits that indoor plants offer. These simple additions are sure to add to your décor and boost your health!