Put these at the top of your list of resolutions.

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One resolution worth keeping on your list each new year is to be happier. It doesn't always just happen because we want it to, and like any other goal, you have to put in some work to see results. Luckily, finding ways to add some joy to your daily life is fun work, not a chore. And the perfect place to start making yourself happier is at home, because if your home isn't a sanctuary that calms you and brings you joy, you're not going to have much luck finding that elsewhere. Here are 4 simple things you can do or add to your home to make yourself happier.

Burn a Candle You Love

Once you discover your favorite scent (or maybe a different one for every day of the week), buy it in bulk! It isn't called aromatherapy for nothing.

Put Things Away

The act of cleaning up and decluttering may not bring you much joy in the moment, but the outcome is scientifically proven to in the long run. If there are items you usually leave out that make you think of the bills you haven't paid yet or the laundry that needs to be done, buying or creating some new storage spaces to put items away will help with decluttering and in turn make your home a happier, less stressful place to be.

Play Music in the Kitchen

Or the garage, or office, or wherever you spend a lot of your time. Add some music to your most monotonous of tasks and they won't be so dreaded anymore.

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Display Sentimental Items

We can work really hard to shop for new things for our homes that create a space that expresses our personality and feels welcoming, but don't forget to include some personal elements throughout your home as well, whether it's hanging family photos or displaying that souvenir you brought back from your last vacation. Whenever you see those items, the little reminder of the person or experience they represent will bring you joy.