Success stories start here.

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From exercising to reading regularly, the ball is always in your court to boost your happiness and lead a successful life.

What's one more thing you can do to ensure success? Take responsibility for everything that comes your way—big and small. To take the reins of your life, social scientists believe it's important to maintain an "internal locus of control." An internal locus of control refers to the personal belief system that your own ability and efforts contribute directly to your success. Conversely, when something doesn't go your way or you encounter adversity, you don't hold factors beyond your control as responsible.

In an article from Inc. titled "Here's How Highly Successful People Make Little Choices Different From the Rest of Us," Christina DesMarais explains, "When you believe you alone are responsible for your circumstances [i.e., an internal locus of control], you'll make necessary changes in your life to achieve success. If you sit around blaming everyone else for your problemsan—'external locus of control'—your situation will remain as it is."

Reframing various situations that arise so that you take ownership of them is no easy task, but it can be a powerful tool for obtaining a rewarding, successful life.

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On the plus side, at least heading to the gym for a cardio workout class or picking out a new book to read every week seem easy now.