Never be late again.

Southern Living Habits of People Always on Time
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Showing up to your morning meetings in a breathless frenzy? It's time to reevaluate your time-management skills. Add these healthy habits to your daily routine to master the clock and always arrive on time.

1. Don't press snooze.
Stop abusing the snooze button. Waking up on time will keep your morning routine on track. Allow ample time for getting your family and yourself ready for work, school, or appointments. Budgeting extra time will eliminate some of the stresses of hectic weekday mornings. Try out these clean-sleeping techniques for rising with the alarm and actually feeling rested for the day ahead.

2. Plan for the next day the night before.
Get a jump start on tomorrow by planning your schedule tonight. Before bed, pick out an outfit for work, pack a gym bag, or prepare lunch for the following day. Accomplishing steps of your morning routine ahead of time will alleviate some frenzy and help you get out the door on time. Since breakfast may fall by the wayside on busy mornings, prep these crowd-pleasing, make-ahead breakfast casserole recipes to quickly heat up and serve on the go.

3. Stick with a to-do list.
Start each day by creating a to-do list and budgeting enough time to complete each task. By sticking with a realistic timeline, you'll check assignments off your list when expected and be able to move on to what's next. Creating a schedule will hold you accountable for achieving your daily goals in a punctual manner. Avoid procrastination and follow your agenda with these 20 productivity tricks.

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4. Be realistic about time.
Unexpected delays could pop up at any moment, so budget extra time for reaching your destination according to schedule. Roadwork, traffic accidents, and other unpredicted setbacks during your commute could thwart your efforts for punctuality. In case you do arrive early, embrace the downtime by mentally preparing yourself for the other goals you hope to accomplish that day. Or bring the materials needed to cross other tasks off your to-do list.

5. Consider other people's time.
We're all on busy schedules, so valuing other people's time will keep you mindful of your own. Hold yourself accountable for arriving to meetings or appointments on time out of respect for the other person. Your punctuality will not go unnoticed and will be much appreciated.