Try our picks for a fresh twist on classic exercises.

Women Lifting Weights
Credit: Van Chaplin

You've done Swiss Ball crunches and sweated it out with hot yoga. Here's the next level in workout trends.

THE TREND: Yoga + Weights
Stretching and stability movements of yoga with the added muscle toning benefits of using weights.
One To Try: Anthony Carillo's Iron Yoga (DVD, $14.95)
The Secret: Upper body weight training exercises using light dumbbells combined with power yoga poses for abdominal and lower body strength.
Why We Love It: Slow and controlled, Iron Yoga focuses on the mind/body fitness connection, encouraging meditation while building muscle.
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THE TREND: Pilates on the Web
A traditional Pilates program that combines with monthly downloadable routines to supplement your core workout schedule.
One To Try: Dr. Howard Sichel's Power Pilates Beginner Workout (intermediate version is also available). (DVD, $19.99)
The Secret: The Web workout component provides the variety you need to stick with the program.
Why We Love It: Pauses between exercises are short, so you can maximize your workout time and keep your energy up.
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THE TREND: Cardio for Kids
A high-energy routine designed especially for children ages 7-14.
One To Try: Billy Blanks Tae Bo Kicks (DVD, $14.95)
The Secret: Billy Blanks adapted his famous Tae Bo workout and made it easy and enjoyable for your child.
Why We Love It: Kids will know this program was created just for them. Most participants in this DVD routine are young, and the bright clothing and upbeat music make the workout fun.
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This article is from our 2005 Weekend Living special issue.