As athlete, mom, and survivor, Mississippi native Deanna Favre shares her tips for fitness and well-being.

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Deanna Favre's Secrets to Healthy, Happy Living
Deanna raises money for charity through sales of products.
| Credit: Robbie Caponetto

Her husband is the one with the Super Bowl ring, but Deanna Favre is no couch potato. Deanna, who married her high school sweetheart Brett, is an accomplished triathlete, mom, and breast cancer advocate. Here are her secrets to staying healthy and happy.

Relies on exercise. The Mississippi native says that in addition to faith and family, exercise helps her beat stress. "My passion is exercise and nutrition," says Deanna.

Values home. Diagnosed at age 35, she's been cancer-free for almost six years. Today she spends much of her time at home in Hattiesburg, where she bikes, runs, and swims.

Makes a difference. The Favre 4 Hope Foundation supports nonprofit partners in Mississippi and Wisconsin that help breast cancer patients and disabled and disadvantaged children.

Lives her priorities. "As someone who has been sick, I feel it's my duty to give back and appreciate every moment." For more information about the Favre 4 Hope Foundation, visit

Triathalon Tips

Leigh Crews, fitness trainer at American Council on Exercise in Georgia, shares tips to train, slowy and steadily, to become a triathlete like Deanna.

Start small: Concentrate on just one exercise at a time to build your confidence.

Add side-to-side exercises like the medicine ball twist to strengthen your entire body. Running, biking, and swimming burn lots of calories but primarily involve front-to-back motions.

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