Crush those 2019 healthy eating resolutions.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
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Farberware Spiraletti Fruit and Vegetable Slicer
Credit: Courtesy Farberware

Let's be honest, vegetables aren't everybody's favorites. Getting your daily allotment of them can be a challenge. While there's no magical gizmo that will transform your eating habits, making your veggies more visually appealing is one way to boost the amount of vegetables in your diet. And if you can make your veggies beautiful? You may very well decide you want to load up on 'em at every meal.

At least that's what happened to me when I first started spiralizing my veggies. It started with a humble beet salad (try slicing red beets with a light blue top) and has since escalated into an all-out obsession. Once I perfected my beet salad (beets are paired with walnuts and clementines tossed in a honey-maple vinaigrette, if you're curious), I moved on to using my spiralizer to create veggie "pasta" to replace zucchini for noodles in my favorite dishes. Apples, cucumbers, carrots, radishes, the list of spiral-able delights go on-and-on. And the barrier for entry is pretty low: $14.06 on Amazon currently gets you The Farberware® Spiraletti Fruit and Vegetable Slicer. This four-star product comes with three stainless stell blades for thick spirals, ribbon cuts, and thin spirals. I set a modest New Year's resolution to spiralize twice a week, and eight days in to 2019, I'm happy to report I'm on track to exceed my goal by 200% this month. Sure, healthy eating still requires diligence and planning, but it's a lot easier when you know a gorgeous pile of magenta beet ribbons smothered in creamy mint pesto await you at the dinner table.

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BUILT NY Gourmet Bento Box with Stainless Steel Utensils
Credit: Courtesy BUILT NY

As for some more healthy eating gadgets to help you stick to your New Year's resolutions? Pack a healthy lunch more often with the BUILT NY Gourmet Bento Box with Stainless Steel Utensils (currently $16.15 on Amazon). The dishwasher-safe storage container makes cleaning simple and the three storage compartments inspire you to stick to your meal prep and portion control goals.

Sabatier Knife
Credit: Courtesy Sabatier

My other go-to this year will be the Sabatier Forged Stainless Steel Chef Knife with EdgeKeeper Self-Sharpening Sheath. Everybody knows it's dangerous and more difficult to cut through vegetables with a dull blade. The $14.99 Amazon find keeps your knife in tip-top shape without you having to do a thing. Sunday night meal prep never looked — dare we say — more fun.