The chaos of the holiday season often leaves us slightly stressed out and in a major time crunch. Here are 5 quick and easy ways to feel your best in the midst of the Southern Christmas madness. Stretching as soon as you hop out of bed is very important. This quick activity promotes strong, flexible muscles and provides you with energy throughout the day. Boost your confidence by speaking daily affirmations; it may seem silly to talk to yourself, but your feelings of self-assurance will instantly grow. Staying organized may seem like a cleaning tip, but it will also help focus your daily goals. Be sure to write to-do lists, reminders, and plans for the future. Additionally, practicing meditation helps clear your mind and refresh your body for a fully constructive day. Don’t pass up a good night's sleep! Upgrade your bedtime routine by adding in essential oils. Pleasant scents like lavender, cedarwood, and rose help you unwind as you’re dozing off. In just five short minutes, these tips will keep your prepared for life’s most stressful moments.

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