Winter is coming.

By Patricia Shannon
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BreatheFrida Humidifier
Credit: Frida

From October through February my house is in a constant state of sniffles. With two littles ones tracking home all sorts of fun school germs every day, there's little to be done about prevention (though my toddler does enjoy a daily immunity gummmy regardless of whether or not they are effective). It's a waiting game until that first sneeze, runny nose, or cough hits. From there, it's all about minimizing germ spread and treating symptoms until the worst of it is over. Nothing welcomes the winter season quite like a quick run to the drugstore for an armful of tissue boxes and a couple bottles of children's ibuprofen. One thing that is never far from reach throughout cold and flu season is my trusty duo of BreatheFrida humidifiers. That's right, they're so good that I have two.

When my first child was born, I knew nothing of what would come to pass with the first cold. I was very ill prepared. I had my husband grab the standard humidifier that I had seen at nearly every baby shower but somehow failed to register for myself. It worked fine, but cleaning it was another story. There were so many nooks and crannies that I never could quite get clean. By the time our second child came around, there was a brand-new humidifier on the market that caught my minimalism-loving eye. A tidy little egg from a brand that had already provided a number of game-changing products to our household.

I think baby's first cold hit on the very day that BreatheFrida The 3-in-1 Humidifier, Diffuser + Nightlight hit shelves. How do I know this? There were zero reviews the day I sent my husband out to grab it. Just 24-hours into use I realized what a gem it was, and went to find out more about this mighty little diffuser when I saw comments in the double-digits, nearly all of which accompanying a 5-star rating. A week later, I went to buy another one when my toddler started sniffling and it was already sold out. Amazon Prime delivery to the rescue.

Ever since coming across BreatheFrida, I've recommended it to countless girlfriends whether they're creating a baby registry or just looking for a fix for their grownup sinus issues. I love that it's easy to clean and takes up far less space on my little ones' night tables than my original humidifier. My son loves that he can choose what color to put the nightlight on each night—especially with a three year old who is feeling less than stellar, these little things go a long way.

If you're wondering about the diffuser function, you can simply add a few drops of aromatherapy-grade essential oils to the water-filled tank. Brand reps from Frida say to skip the vaporizing liquid though.

The tank should be thoroughly cleaned at least once a week and both prior to and after storing. The best way to go about cleaning BreatheFrida is to add a cup each of water and either bleach or white vinegar. I've never tried the bleach method, but the white vinegar solution works just fine. Put the plug onto the water tank and shake up the mixture. Let it sit for about 30 minutes. Give it another shake, then empty. I always add another cup of warm water into the tank, shake it up, and empty once more to ensure any remaining residue is wiped out.

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