Keep your pearly whites plaque-free with these dentist-approved picks.

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Electric Toothbrush
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Sure, you get your teeth cleaned regularly, use a recommended toothpaste, and floss (or at least that's what you're telling the hygienist), but what about your toothbrush? The type of sink-side tool you use twice a day has a bigger impact on your oral health than you may realize.

While it may not seem essential – the American Dental Association says manual and electric toothbrushes are both effective at removing plaque – an electric toothbrush can take the biggest variable out of the equation: human error. Who's to say you're really brushing for the recommended two minutes on your own? Are you actually hitting that hard-to-reach spot your dentist mentioned at your last visit? The average person doesn't brush as well as dentists would like, and an electric powered toothbrush can help.

While there is a cost difference between the manual freebie you were handed at your last checkup and an electric version, options in the drugstore may surprise you. Selections can range from budget-conscious to splurge-worthy. Either way, it's worth the investment. Electric toothbrushes come with features that will help you in the long run, like pressure sensors, timers, and reminders to change your brush head.

Ready to make your brushing routine more efficient than ever? Here are the four best electric toothbrushes Southern dentists recommend for a healthy smile.

Arm & Hammer Spinbrush Pro
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For Brushers on a Budget: Arm & Hammer Spinbrush Pro

"When it comes to eclectic toothbrushes, most people are deterred by cost or how complicated a brush might be to use," says Dr. Matthew Dean of The University of Alabama at Birmingham Endodontics. That's what makes the Arm & Hammer Spinbrush Pro his favorite to recommend to patients looking try one for the first time. "It's inexpensive and as simple to use as a light switch."

BUY IT: $7.89,

Oral-B Pro Series Toothbrush
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For Shopper Who Wants Options: Oral-B Pro

"For someone looking for options, the Oral-B Pro Series is a great place to start," recommends Dr. Craig Rousso of Mountain Brook Smiles in Birmingham, Alabama. The line has a variety of models, ranging in price and number of gadgets, so every brusher can find his or her best fit. "I even love the basic model. It has a standard mode, internal timer, and a pressure sensor to help you from brushing too hard and causing gum recession. Plus, the small, rotating, round head lets you reach small spaces some other electric toothbrushes might miss."

BUY IT: $34.97 - $219.97,

Quip Electric Toothbrush
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For the Traveler: Quip

For an on-the-go clean that doesn't require disassembly when you travel, try Quip. "I love this handy toothbrush because it comes in a small, convenient case that lets you toss it in your toiletry bag for a weekend getaway," says Dr. Harry Haring of University of Alabama at Birmingham Prosthodontics. Don't let its sleek design fool you. It's affordable, battery powered, and effective. "It's so simple to use, and you can get new brush heads delivered from the company for just a few dollars every 3 months to help keep your teeth at their best."

BUY IT: $40,

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Sonicare DiamondClean Toothbrush
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For All the Bells and Whistles: Sonicare DiamondClean

"I've tried as many different options as I can, and my personal favorite is the Sonicare DiamondClean," says Dr. Austin Baker of Total Dental Care in Guntersville, Alabama. "Most high-end electric toothbrushes do a great job of removing plaque, helping to treat gum disease, and keeping our breath fresh. That's why the accessories really send the DiamondClean over the top for me. The charging cup, travel case, five modes, and internal timer really set it apart."

BUY IT: $200,