Alice is a 59-year-old breast cancer survivor from Birmingham, Alabama.

Meet Alice Davidson
Alice is a 59-year-old breast cancer survivor from Birmingham, Alabama. Read Alice's Story

Tell us about yourself.
I teach 7th grade language arts at Bumpus Middle School in Hoover. I have two grown children and am a single mother to a 16 year old whom I obtained custody of when his mother died 11 years ago. I previously practiced law but returned to teaching 10 years ago, in part to give me time to raise another child. My mother, Anne George, was a writer who wrote The Southern Sister Mysteries, a series set in Birmingham. She also was a breast cancer survivor.

When were you diagnosed?
I was diagnosed August 4, 2010, the week before school started this year.

How has cancer changed your outlook on life?
Since I was very recently diagnosed, I am still undergoing treatment. My cancer was found through a routine mammogram, and this has made me more determined than ever to fight for more equitable health care. When I practiced law, I had many clients made bankrupt by illness. This should not happen. Every woman should be able to have the same kind of testing and care that my insurance has afforded me.

What words of encouragement would you share with others with cancer?
There are so many people out there who know what you are facing and who will open their arms to you. These past few weeks, while frightening, have also been joyous with such great outpourings of love and support.

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The YWCA of the U.S.A. Encore Plus Program,
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