The bride-to-be pledged to drink more water in 2021.

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If you're hoping to be healthier this year, an easy place to start is drinking more water. And today, we're channeling Ree Drummond's daughter Alex on the H2O guzzling front.

"One of my resolutions is to drink more water," Alex said in a recent Instagram story, as The Pioneer Woman Magazine recently recapped. "Aiming for a gallon per day!!!!!! Sounds like a lot, but I got this cute gallon-sized bottle to help me out, hehe." (We have a sneaking suspicion her pledge to drink more water has to do with her upcoming nuptials with fiancé Mauricio Scott.)

As Alex revealed in her social media post, her bottle of choice is the Fidus Large One-Gallon Motivational Water Bottle (Buy It: $24.99;, which has nearly 6,000 five-star reviews on the e-commerce platform. The BPA-free water bottle does quite the job at reminding users to drink more water with words of encouragement like "remember your goal" and "almost finished" alongside time stamps, ensuring that by day's end you've drunk a full gallon of H2O.

Fidus Large 1 Gallon/128oz Motivational Water Bottle
Credit: Amazon

And Alex isn't the only one who loves this super-sized and super-spirited water bottle. In the comments section, one happy customer wrote, "This is a good quality bottle. The milestone marks are clever and funny that keeps you motivated to drink. My work requires sitting/standing at my desk for 8+ hours and often I go hours without drinking water. So I got this bottle." Another Fidus water bottle enthusiast shared, "This water bottle is cool. I've always been a water drinker but, I feel like this bottle helps me drink more because of the encouraging phrases on the side and how it's separated into segments. Now I find myself purposely drinking to a certain line to meet that 'requirement.' I also love how cute the colors are. It's bright and cheery, my kids argue with me that they want my water bottle [because] they love it so much, and I get so many compliments about it." We could go on and on with sharing the rave reviews, but instead, we'll leave you with this...

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Alex and Paige PW clothing pink and white

When you get to the "you did it" at the base of the bottle, we're pretty sure the jolt of happiness that floods your system will be the equivalent of 500 Fitbit vibrations when you hit your daily steps goal. Bottoms up, indeed.