Calling all Mamas! It’s tough to find long-lasting, inexpensive toys that will keep your children entertained for years. Here are 5 toys found by our friends at Coinage that will grow with your kids while stimulating their imagination, too.

Plastic softball sets come in an array of bright colors and are durable and lightweight. They’re safe for children 6 months and over, and can even be used by your elementary schoolers for a game of catch. A set of 6 sells for under $10.

Building Blocks sets are a great toy recommended for ages 6 months and older. These wooden building blocks let your children use their creativity to make fun structures. A 100 piece set costs about $20.

An adjustable jump rope will keep your kids active and happy. Most are recommended for children 3 and up, and most ropes are usable for people 6 feet tall and under. These go for $8 and up.

A set of dominoes is a great learning toy for children 5 years and up. Get a bucket of multicolored dominoes for around $20! Kids can build with these blocks, work on their basic math, and practice their sorting skills.

A sand toys set is a versatile toy for any kid! At the park or the beach, your children can have tactile fun. Indoors, they make for great containers or bath toys. Some styles are suggested for kids 1-4 years old. Get a 16 piece set with a reusable mesh bag to carry them, all for under $20.

With these vibrant toys, your children will use their imaginations to have a good time while playing, learning, and growing!

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