Move over Thanksgiving and Christmas! Halloween is actually one of the best holidays to create fun and festive treats. With ghouls, goblins, and ghosts galore, the opportunities for Halloween-centric dessert crafts are endless, and making these spooky Spider Cupcakes should be first on your list. Bring the tasty sweets to any pumpkin party, trick-or-treat event, or fall outing, and watch as the crawly critters bring a simile to everyone’s face. It’ll be the only time spiders are allowed to attend the party!

Making the delicious cupcakes is incredibly easy; it’s a great opportunity to get the entire family involved. All you need is chocolate-frosted cupcakes, white cotton candy, malt balls, melted chocolate, candy eyes, white icing, and chocolate-covered pretzels. White cotton candy is the foundation, and it doubles as the spider’s web. After all, what would a creepy spider cupcake be without a makeshift web? Two crunchy malt balls connected with melted chocolate form the spider’s body, and the combination is oh-so delicious! The saltiness of the pretzel beautifully compliments the sweetness of the chocolate. Adding candy eyes gives the friendly spider an adorable personality, and we Southerners love food that comes with some character.

Of course, remember the most important aspect of the spider cupcake – the legs. Chocolate-covered pretzel pairs attach to the body to create realistic spider limbs, and they’re just as tasty as they are festive. Want to know the best part? You can make these crafty cupcakes uniquely yours. Try cookies and cream, coconut-pecan, maple bacon, or even chocolate-peppermint candy flavored cupcakes. However, be sure to frost your tasty treat with dark icing; this helps to highlight the white cotton candy spider web. Once you’ve finished decorating the adorable Halloween-themed desserts, be sure to display them among fun and festive embellishments. This will really take your Spider Cupcakes to the next level. So, put on some spooky music, and get creative!

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