Mummies usually appear in classic scary movies, Halloween novels, or even in our worst nightmares, but they don’t have to be spooky all the time! These Mummy Cupcakes are just as adorable as they are tasty. Bring the mysterious, miniature creatures to your annual Halloween festivities, trick-or-treating celebrations, or pumpkin parties, and watch as they light up the dessert table. The cupcakes are almost too cute to eat. Southerners love an excuse to make a charming holiday-centric themed dessert craft, and these Mummy Cupcakes certainly do not disappoint.

All you’ll need is chocolate iced cupcakes, candy eyes, and white taffy (such as Airheads). It’s as simple as that. Because the process is so easy, making Mummy Cupcakes is a great family activity! Start by baking your favorite cupcake recipe, and ice the decadent desserts with scrumptious chocolate icing. This acts as the foundation of your friendly mummy. Next, be sure to carefully lay white, sliced taffy on the top the cupcake. You should criss-cross the tasty taffy; this ultimately creates the mummy’s signature gauze. If you’re not a fan of taffy flavor, white icing is also a great option.

Of course, don’t forget to leave a gap in the gauze for the mummy’s eyes to peek though. Similar to the mummies you’ve seen in Halloween movies or imagined in scary stories, the eyes are key! They help give the frightening creature a character, expression, and charming appeal. Glaring mummy eyeballs are super easy to accomplish. Simply choose your favorite style of candy eyes, and watchfully place them in between the flavorful gauze. Of course, candy eyes aren’t the only option; if you don’t have time to pick up the eatable eyeballs, simply create them with a combination of vanilla and chocolate icing. After all, when is more mouth-watering frosting a bad idea?

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