With Halloween right around the corner, it’s time to start planning fun and festive holiday treats, and Frankenstein’s Cupcakes are the ultimate choice. We all know and love Mary Shelley’s classic novel, but did you ever think the fictitious monster could double as an adorable, Halloween dessert craft? Just imagine bringing these delicious mini creatures to your next trick-or-treating event or October celebration; they’re sure to impress even the pickiest dessert connoisseurs. And, what party is complete without a precious cupcake craft to get everyone talking?

All you need is chocolate cupcakes, green icing, candy eyes, chocolate chips, and marshmallow bits. Making Frankenstein’s Cupcakes is a terrific opportunity for a family activity. Because the process is so easy, everyone can get involved! Here’s a tip: be sure to have a surplus of green icing; it creates the head of the monster. Use a spreading knife to make a flat and even top; this will help the tasty cupcake look more realistic. If you’re not an icing lover, try a substitution. For example, half of a green-colored cupcake stacked on the chocolate cupcake could also create the monster’s hair. Next, add in two candy eyes to give Frankenstein’s Cupcakes a bit of expression!

Of course, don’t forget about the chocolatey hair. The scrumptious chocolate chips add a deliciously sweet flavor, and they provide the cupcake creature with a stylish mane. If you don’t have chocolate chips handy or if you were hoping for a creamy alternative, peanut butter cups work just as well.  For the most important part, give the mini monsters their signature bolted neck! Not to worry though, tasty marshmallow bits double as the otherwise gruesome bolts. Frankenstein’s Cupcakes are the ideal finish to a Halloween feast. The creative desserts bring a new level of excitement to snack time!

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