This pumpkin will take your porch from 9 to 5. Dolly Parton has inspired Southerners in many ways, but this might be the first time she’s inspired a pumpkin creation. Instead of trying to carve an intricate Jack-O’-Lantern (and risking injury), go with a painted and crafty pumpkin for your porch instead. This Dolly-inspired pumpkin is the best no-carve pumpkin idea we’ve ever seen, and this painted pumpkin will be the funniest one on your street this Halloween. Neighbors and fall guests will love this fall pumpkin that captures Dolly’s sparkle—literally. Start by painting the pumpkin Dolly’s with a neutral acrylic paint, and then draw on some diva-esque lashes with a black paint pen. Dolly Parton would never go anywhere without lipstick, so be sure to paint some on for her. Add some shiny statement earrings, and you can’t forget that famous beauty mark. Top this painted pumpkin off with a wig that mimics Dolly’s signature big blonde hair, and don’t disgrace her by not giving it a good coating of hairspray. Tease up that Southern 'do, and your pumpkin's ready to go!

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