We turned to our favorite Highwayman as the inspiration for this oh-so-fun take on a classic Halloween pumpkin. Dressed up with Willie Nelson's iconic braids, bandana, and scruff, this painted pumpkin requires no carving and is an instant conversation starter for the season. You won't have to worry about cleaning up any goopy pumpkin seeds, throwing away soggy newspaper, or hiding carving tools from little hands. All you'll need to make this fun painted pumpkin is some neutral paint, a bandana, a child's braided Halloween wig, cotton balls, and some glue. We cut the braids off of the Halloween wig so that they'd fit on either side of our painted pumpkin, and then fastened the bandana around with some hot glue. Create a little beard on your pumpkin by loosening strands of cotton balls and using white glue to attach around the pumpkin's face. Play a little "Always On My Mind" in the background, and you've got yourself some extra-special Halloween decor!

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