We wouldn’t be caught dead wandering the old railroad tracks in Maco, North Carolina at night even if you bribed us with some warm peach cobbler. The Maco Light could be flashing, and we aren’t looking to help that ghost find his head. This haunting tale, originally told by our friends at The Moonlit Road, originates from the post-Civil War era on the railroads of North Carolina, upon which a doomed conductor lost his head in a freak accident. He wandered those tracks, on dark stormy nights, for years in search of his long-lost head, while swinging his lantern back and forth. If you were frequenting those tracks or milling about on the Maco train platform, you could see the restless soul and his lantern. Now, the South is no stranger to some hair-raising supernatural tales, thanks to the long-held haunted reputations of some of our cities and the many unexplained ghostly stories that are passed down through the generations. But that doesn’t mean we’ll be testing our luck chasing after them!

Written by Craig Dominey and Jim McAmis

Told by Jim McAmis


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