These creepy, red velvet Eyeball Cake Balls are sure to be a hit with kids this Halloween! The spooky little deserts resemble a human eye, and they are packed with sweet flavor. Pass them out for a trick-or-treating sweet, bring them to your October celebrations, or serve them at Halloween parties. After all, these cake balls will surely keep an eye on your guests! Making the Eyeball Cake Balls is an incredibly easy process, and it’s a fun family activity. So, get everyone involved.

Start by assembling your favorite red velvet cake ball recipe, and insert 8-inch lollipop sticks in each ball; this will help you decorate the eerie treat with ease. Next, coat the cake balls with white chocolate (or white candy melt). It acts as the foundation for the Halloween-centric treat, and the rich flavor is mouthwateringly irresistible. Once the creamy chocolate dries, begin creating the eyes with whole, colored candy melts. These give your eyeball desserts a pop of color. Don’t forget the pupils! Attach them with additional white candy melt, and place the eye on the center of the red velvet cake ball. Swap out the lollipop sticks for plastic forks for an extra-spooky look.

Of course, no Halloween dessert is complete without a little fake blood for dramatic effect! Use red candy melt to create a bloody illusion on the eyeball. Drizzle it where the fork enters the mini dessert, and dip the entire Eyeball Cake Ball in the "fake blood." This is sure to make the treat look disturbingly realistic. For the final touch, use a red edible ink pen to draw the eyeball veins on the hardened white chocolate. This will bring your October dessert to the next level! So, break out the fall decorations, put on some Halloween music, and get started on these festive treats!

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