Every Southern belle needs Golden Girls pumpkins on her porch. Your favorite girls get a hilarious Halloween makeover with these no-carve, painted pumpkins. We love anything that has to do with The Golden Girls and these Halloween pumpkins are our next fall DIY project. These painted pumpkins look just like Rose, Dorothy, Sophia, and Blanche from top to bottom. Rose needs her pink lipstick, big gold hoop earrings, and curly blonde hair. Of course, Dorothy has got to be raising that disapproving eyebrow. Sophia must have white hair, glasses, and her little wicker purse, and pumpkin Blanche is just as much of a Southern diva as the real deal. Even these pumpkins’ sizes mirror our Golden Girls, with tall Dorothy and tiny Sophia. These Golden Girl pumpkin replicas are making us want to re-watch the series again this fall. Maybe we’ll put on the show to get our fill of Sophia one-liners while paint these Golden Girl pumpkins for the front porch. Anyone else?

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