Happy (early) Halloween, y’all!

By Kaitlyn Yarborough
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Ceramic Tree Halloween
Credit: Amazon

Whenever we see something nostalgic, particularly those things that bring back memories from our favorite holidays from decades past, we can’t help but buy back into the trend, no matter if just for sentiment’s sake. For example, those not lucky enough to be passed down the charmingly retro ceramic trees made popular in the 1970s have lucked out with the past year’s ceramic tree trend coming back in full swing. Selling out online again and again, this vintage holiday item isn’t ready to collect dust in the attic just yet. 

First came the Christmas ceramic tree—and we were very, very here for it—and now we’re stepping even farther down nostalgia road with everything from Valentine’s Day-inspired pink ceramic trees to the newest addition: Halloween-themed ceramic trees. In fact, Amazon’s top-selling ceramic Halloween tree is so popular that it keeps selling out...again and again. Right now, fate seems to be in favor, because all styles of the tree are in stock and ready to grace your countertop with ghoulish fun. 

Ceramic Halloween Trees
Credit: Amazon

The 9-inch and 15-inch hand-crafted ceramic Halloween trees are topped with illuminated jack-o-lanterns and dotted with orange and purple bulbs to light up the room with a subtle Halloween glow. It rounds out any Halloween décor—like hand-carved pumpkins, a spooky front door wreath, and your favorite “Boo!” sign from HomeGoods—with a touch of vintage holiday charm, especially to small spaces, kitchen counters (Mama can’t give up too much cooking space!), and the mantle. Plus, it’s battery-operated and can be set to a timer of 6 or 8 hours to ensure you can turn it on and forget about it. (SHOP NOW: starting at $49.99; amazon.com)

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Reviewers rave about how it brings back happy memories from Mama’s house and captures the vintage Halloween of their childhoods. *dries tear* So if you’re looking to liven up your home décor come Halloween, this has all the spook, gloom, and nostalgia you’re looking for. Stock up now—before it sells out again. Happy early Halloween, y’all!