"Three Wise Men And A Baby" Is Hallmark’s Perfect Gift To Fans

The laugh-out-loud comedy stars not one, not two, but three of our favorite leading men.

For over a decade now, Hallmark Channel has been our go-to destination for feel good holiday flicks. They fill our hearts and television schedules with all kinds of holly, jolly delight from October through the end of the year. This year, Hallmark Media is debuting 40 brand-new original films between their two networks. One of these new flicks gives the fans exactly what they have wished for.

Andrew Walker, Tyler Hynes, Paul Campbell and Santa

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Eagle-eyed viewers last year caught that a few of Hallmark’s leading men popped up in each other’s movies. Andrew Walker could be seen in the background of a restaurant in Tyler Hyne’s Unexpected Christmas, and in turn, Hynes was a server at a coffee shop in Walker’s My Family Christmas Tree. Paul Campbell also briefly showed up in The Nine Kittens of Christmas. These cameos were brief, but the fans went wild. So this holiday season, Hallmark is gifting the fans with a laugh-out-loud comedy starring not one, not two, but three of our favorite leading men. 

Three Wise Men and a Baby, written by Paul Campbell & Kimberley Sustad, stars Campbell alongside Walker and Hynes. The three Hallmark regulars who are friends off camera as well, were thrilled to get to work together on this very special project. “I think something that is really rewarding for me and I think these guys feel the same, is that a lot of the people that watch these movies seemed to vocalize this kind of triumvirate happening. And it was very fun to see everybody put this idea out there hoping for it and then be able to very much fulfill that hope.That’s a rare thing,” Hynes said when the trio recently sat down with Southern Living. 

“No other network has fans like Hallmark. And so I think they have increasingly had more of a voice throughout the years and the network is listening,” Walker added. It was a sentiment that Campbell also echoed as he said how he hoped that he and writing partner Sustad delivered on carrying out this fan-led vision. We can confirm, they most certainly did. You will laugh until your cheeks hurt and if you don’t believe us, check out this behind the scenes snippet the network shared on social media:

The trio play brothers Luke (Walker), Stephan (Campbell), and Taylor (Hynes) who find themselves suddenly caretakers of a baby. Luke Brenner, a fitness-focused, all American hero firefighter finds a baby on the doorstep of his fire house with a note specifically asking him to care for the child until Christmas. The baby’s mother is a mystery as is the connection to Luke. But rather than see the little one handed over to social services over the holidays, Luke takes the baby home. Their mother has to leave town and care for her sister, so Luke turns to his brothers for help. Taylor is a video game designer who recently, shall we say, consciously uncoupled from his job and Stephan is a pet therapist with social anxiety. But despite their personality differences, these three brothers band together to care for this child and they do so with plenty of hysterical antics along the way. We asked about these moments when they shared the screen and just how much of it is ad-libbed, to which Hynes joked, “Well that’s both respectful because he’s an actor and disrespectful because he’s the writer.” This answer, directed at Campbell had all three of the men laughing. 

“There was a fair amount of ad-libbing. Mostly the ad-libbing comes in filling in the bits between the lines which is where these movies really come to life. These guys are so good at just bringing life in between the lines and any time there was a joke we always do best idea wins so we took the better idea for anything. For a line, for a choice, for a block. Its always best idea wins,” Campbell said. 

“The environment that we had on set because we all know each other because we’re so comfortable, we’re such fans of each other as artists and as human beings, it makes the efficiency and the collaboration of these moments for these characters that much more enjoyable and I think that much more fruitful. A lot of gems came out of the fact that we all just care about each other and really want to do this,” said Hynes. 

Walker shared, “We spent lunches together. We spent in between shooting together, all the time. We chose to really work the details.”

“This is the first movie and I say this honestly, this was the first movie that I’ve ever done where I didn’t just go back to my trailer at lunch and eat lunch by myself. We would just stay on the couches of whatever basement of whatever house we were in and eat lunch every day and just enjoy each other and it was great. And I think particularly in the scenes where we’re all really getting along and really enjoying each other, if you don’t actually feel that off camera as well it’s really hard to translate on camera. I think you can see it, the way that we relate on camera is very reflective of how we are off camera. What a gift that we actually like each other. And we get along as well as we do,” Campbell said, to which Walker jumped in with “ And I can still say that now. Surprisingly.” More giggles from the three of them and it’s clear that they will keep you laughing throughout the entire movie. 

Trust us when we say, you will not want to miss it. Three Wise Men and a Baby premieres on Hallmark Channel, November 19.

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