Grampa’s Weeding Tool Is A Nostalgic, Ouiser Boudreaux-Approved Must-Have

Save your knees (and your hands) with Amazon’s standing weeder.

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Grampa's Weeder - The Original Stand Up Weed Puller Tool with Long Handle


Spring is upon us and the weeds are out in full force. Whether crab grass, dandelions, or clover, weeds in Southern lawns are plentiful and pervasive. A defense of dense grass and weed killer will get you far, but weeds are still an inevitable fact of life. Though weed pulling is regretfully in your future, there’s a tool that can help you do it without so much of the back-breaking labor you’re used to. Grampa's Weeder is a stand-up and stand-out weeding tool that will grip your weeds at the root—no kneeling or squatting required.

Let me start by saying, if weeding is your cardio you might want to skip this tool in order to keep up with your fitness goals. But if you loathe the weeding process and can find no way around it or even if you love it and are looking for more ways to go at it with increased gusto, Grampa's Weeder is for you. It’s about to make quick work of your weeding process with no up and downs as you move from one spot to the next. 

The tool has a long bamboo handle attached to a four-pronged claw-like steel head that works on a lever to grip weeds at the root as you lean and pull. Start by positioning the head over the center of the weed, then press into the ground using your foot on the lever for additional leverage, remove your foot, lean the tool toward the lever, and pull. Boom. An entire weed including roots removed without dirtying a single nail. If you find yourself panicking under pressure, rest assured, the instructions are depicted on the handle. While it should work like a charm in most yards, it might not live up to its full potential on rocky or very hard surfaces like clay.

Grampa's Weeder - The Original Stand Up Weed Puller Tool with Long Handle


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Grampa's Weeder isn’t a new phenomenon. It’s been around since 1913 thanks to its simple design that takes a straightforward approach to this tedious garden task. With such a long and proven history, the brand asserts the original stand-up weed remover tool is still just as hardworking today as it was 100 years ago. Sounds like someone else we know. Looking at you, Great Grandpa.

If you want to really let this tool shine, use it after rainfall or watering. You’ll eradicate more weeds in less time—and might even have fun while doing it. 

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