Southerners love grits. We are passionate about our local artisans who grind the corn meal by hand, we love our classic brands that Grandmama used to whip up on Saturday morning, and we fervently take sides in the great salt-or-sugar-in-your-grits debate. A creamy grits recipe can complement any meal, at any time of day. We love a hearty grits bowl in the morning topped with a soft, runny egg and some sharp Cheddar cheese. We also love playing around with flavors like kalamata olives, fresh tomatoes, and feta for a lunch-themed Mediterranean grits bowl. And, of course, we can’t forget the lowcountry classic – Shrimp and Grits. We’ve come up with many different Shrimp and Grits recipes over the years, but our template for creating the perfect pot of grits has stayed relatively the same. This take on the iconic recipe brings a Creole kick to spice up your dinner routine.

If you’ve never tried sweet potato grits, now’s your chance. The addition of mashed sweet potatoes gives this grits recipe a silky texture that you won’t be able to resist. When topped with juicy seasoned shrimp and a little green onion, Creole Shrimp and Sweet Potato Grits becomes the star of your dinner table. This recipe is great for all types of occasions. First of all, it’s an easy weeknight dinner recipe because the hands-on time is only 40 minutes. The vibrant color of the grits will interest the kids of the family, and you’ll be thrilled with how hearty and filling the recipe is (no after-dinner snacks here!). If you’ve got a party coming up, we’d also recommend serving Creole Shrimp and Sweet Potato Grits in single-serving cups with small spoons. This unique appetizer showcases the beauty of true Southern flavors, and guests will love the bright color of sweet potato grits in a mini, pretty package. Skewer a few shrimp into the cups as an elegant presentation.

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