Goo Goo Cluster And Loveless Cafe Release New 'Biscuits And Jam' Candy

biscuits and jam goo goo cluster with strawberries and jar of preserves

Courtesy of Goo Goo Cluster and Loveless Cafe

You don't have to tell us twice how great biscuits and jam are together—we named our podcast after the unforgettable duo.

But we know we're certainly not the only people that love, make, and adore good biscuits and jam, jelly, or preserves (or even cane syrup). Two iconic Nashville brands, Loveless Cafe and Goo Goo Cluster, have turned their adoration of the breakfast bread and sweet spread into a new candy.

First launched in May, the limited-edition Biscuits and Jam Premium Goo Goo is back this fall due to popular demand. Each candy features a layer of Loveless Cafe's strawberry preserves sandwiched with a biscuit shortbread and vanilla cake nougat. That's all enrobed in a thick layer of ruby chocolate.

If you're not familiar with ruby chocolate, now's a great time to try it. This chocolate—and it is indeed chocolate—is made from ruby cacao beans. The beans aren't fermented as long as their darker chocolate cousins, so the natural reddish tint stays. You'll notice a flavor difference, too: Ruby chocolate has a more floral, fruity flavor, making it the perfect pair with the sweet preserves.

You don't have to be in Nashville to get the new candies; Goo Goo Cluster will ship right to you. Of course if you happen to be in Music City, you can swing by the downtown Nashville Goo Goo Cluster store or the Hams and Jams Country Market at the Loveless Cafe. And while you're at the cafe, go ahead and grab a seat at a table, order up some biscuits, and experience those sweet preserves on freshly-baked biscuits for yourself. They're unbeatable.

The candies were very popular at their first release and sold out, so if you want to try one this time, you'd better hurry. They're only available through December 31, or until supplies last.

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