If you thought you couldn't love your trusty slow cooker more, think again.

By Jenna Sims
November 17, 2017
2013 Jennifer Davick

While we're sure you already use your slow cooker to have dinner covered on busy days and to keep dips warm on game day, did you know it can also help you make tasty food gifts for your family and friends during the busy holiday season? Triple-Chocolate-Covered Peanut Clusters, packaged in cute Christmas tins, are the perfect gift for friends, neighbors, teachers, and even your hairstyist. They make for one happy little gift that we know they'll love.

This edible gift couldn't be easier—or more enjoyable. You can find the full recipe for our Triple-Chocolate-Covered Peanut Clusters here. You'll simply toss the first five ingredients into your trusty slow cooker and cook on low for two hours, or until all of the chocolate baking pieces are fully melted. While it's cooking, you can spend time wrapping Christmas gifts or preparing for your holiday guests—your slow cooker has the hard part covered.

After everything is melted and stirred well, add the cashews and vanilla. Stir until the cashews are well coated. Then spoon the mixture onto wax paper to let them cool. Once the clusters have become firm, package in cheerful holiday tins that can be found at your local craft store. Finish off the package with a cute ribbon and personalized name tag.

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As is, this recipe makes 5 pounds or about 60 clusters. Depending on how many neighbors, co-workers, and friends you'll be passing these treats out to, you may want to buy enough ingredients to make two batches. Plus, we know from experience, a few of these chocolaty clusters inevitably disappear before they can make it into the packaging. Shh! Don't tell, Santa.