Transform family heirlooms into creative keepsakes. 

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Handwritten family recipes are priceless. There's something special about following your grandmother's own cursive script to prepare one of her signature dishes. The cards are usually faded and stained, tucked away in recipe boxes for safe keeping. Preserving these recipes keeps loved ones' memories alive after they've left us—the sugary smell of your grandmother's sweet potato casserole recalling Thanksgiving dinners or the tart taste of your mother's caramel cake evoking flashbacks to birthday parties—and share with future generations. Now you can share these beloved recipes so the whole family can enjoy them, without worry of damaging the original copy. Here are five creative ideas for turning handwritten recipes into gifts.

1. Tea Towels

Your sister will love hanging a tea towel with your great-grandmother's biscuit recipe over the handle of her stove. Follow one of these three methods for printing a recipes onto a plain tea towel.

2. Aprons

This Etsy seller personalizes plain aprons by converting handwritten recipes onto the front of them. Bonus points for being durable enough to withstand the washing machine.

3. Cutting Boards

Engrave your dad's favorite cookie recipe onto a wooden cutting board. Turn once again to Etsy for your crafting needs; this seller takes a scanned copy of your recipe and replicates the original handwriting onto a cutting board.

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4. Cookbooks

Create a sentimental keepsake for your cousins by compiling favorite family recipes into a cookbook. Sites like CreateMyCookbook offer step-by-step guides for building a book. Get creative by customizing the cover and incorporating family photos into the pages.

5. Artwork

Turn handwritten recipes into meaningful pieces of art. Make a copy of the original recipe card and frame it. Go for a gallery wall by framing an assorted collection of your favorites.