You'll earn "best gift-giver" status with this one.

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When it comes to gift-giving, you probably fall into one of two categories: You love picking out the perfect present and nail it every time, or you never know what to get and grab a generic gift that doesn't feel personal. It's frustrating to fall into the latter category when your friend shows up with a hand-picked gift just for you, but that's all about to change. I discovered the ultimate birthday gift—a gift that's nice but affordable, personal but not difficult to find, and the best part—it is literally the gift that keeps on giving. No, it's not a bottle of wine. This gift doesn't even require you to leave the house to buy.

Allow me to introduce you to the Birchbox gift subscription. Full disclosure: This is not an ad for Birchbox. It might read like one, considering how much I believe in what I'm writing, but I have not been compensated in any way by Birchbox for this.

Even if your friend isn't beauty-obsessed, Birchbox is still going to be an amazing gift for her (or him—we'll get there). But how is it personal? After you gift a subscription, your friend will fill out a personal profile to fit her beauty needs, skin and hair type, product preferences, and more. Instead of digging to find out her favorite products or risking picking out one she won't like, Birchbox will ensure she's sent a box filled with personalized picks. This way, you give her the gift of trying out products she might be dying to test but can't afford to buy at full price. And instead of gifting her one bottle of lotion, eyeshadow palette, or face mask, she'll get months of products to sample.

Birchbox now offers men's subscriptions, too. Once your guy is smelling amazing, cleaning up nicely, and actually using quality skincare, gifting him a Birchbox subscription will turn out to be a gift to you, too! Not to stereotype, but guys typically aren't rushing out to buy the latest skincare or grooming supplies. But if luxury products happen to show up on his doorstep every month, you can bet he's going to use them and love them.

A Birchbox gift subscription is a great gift if you're short on cash and want to split it with another friend or two (hello, broke early twenty-somethings like me). You can buy women's Birchbox gift subscriptions at three months for $45, 6 months for $84, or one year for $156, and men's at three months for $30, six months for $60, and one year for $110. Check out options for women's boxes here and for men here. I split a six-month subscription gift with two other friends for someone's birthday recently, and she loved it. For less than we would've spent on a nice bottle of wine, a set of coasters, a sweater, or a pair of earrings she'll never wear, she got half a year's worth of fun samples. She randomly texted to thank us over the months because seeing the box in her mailbox was such a treat every time. Regardless how many months you choose to give, a Birchbox subscription feels so luxurious in your mailbox each month.

Your friend will be thrilled when she initially sees that you gifted her Birchbox, but the most fun part is when her second, third, and consecutive boxes come in each month after her birthday. These boxes are a guaranteed way to make her day out of the blue. Every time she opens up that box to find fun, new products to try, she'll think of you!

Before long, you're going to be the friend who everyone describes as "the best gift-giver." No one will realize you didn't have to leave the couch to get the most thoughtful gift at the party. Your secret is safe with me. Go ahead, order here.

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