What NCAA rule do the Tigers break? What does Coach Miles nibble on before each game? Find out these fun facts and more—Geaux Tigers!

On game days at LSU, opposing players must walk past an actual caged tiger (these days, a Bengal-Siberian mix named Mike VI). A generous donor gave money to build the mascot a beautiful habitat, hard by Tiger Stadium, where Mike lolls in luxury, behind clear walls, between games.

Photo: Courtesy Jim Zietz/Louisiana State University

1) Hey, Fighting Tigers,” —a Tiger sporting event song—was adapted from the Broadway show tune “Hey, Look Me Over.”

2) The LSU mascot, Mike the Tiger, is kept in a pen in the back of the stadium. Before home games, he’s placed in a cage near the visiting team’s locker room to intimidate as they enter the field.

3) In 1958 (seven years before Gatorade was created on the campus of Florida), Bengal Punch was served to LSU’s team.

4) Legend has it that for each time Mike the tiger roars during a pre-game lap around the field is how many times team will score during the game.

5) LSU Tigers always wear white football jerseys at both home and away games, bending the NCAA rule that requires home teams to dress in color, with the visiting team in white.

6) Coach Les Miles requests a taste of grass at each stadium he visits ever since he was caught on tape chewing his cud during last year’s home win over Alabama. (Really. You can read more on timesfreepress.com.)

7) Coach Les Miles earned the nickname “The Mad Hatter,” for his sometimes perplexing, head-scratching play calls.

8) In 1988, during a home game, a crowd of near 80,000 reacted to the game’s final pass loudly enough to register as an earthquake by a seismograph located in LSU’s campus about 1,000 feet from the stadium. (Read more on lsusports.net.)