We can't wait to get our fins on these adorable little plants.

By Meghan Overdeep
Dolphin Succulents
Credit: Instagram/alicetwr

It's a fish, it's a plant, it's a dolphin succulent!

Every day it seems like there's a new kind of succulent out to steal our hearts. From the itsy-bitsy ones endorsed by Joanna Gaines to the hearty stonecrops beautifying our gardens, we never grow tired of their quirky vibe and fuss-free presence in our home. And now, we have Apartment Therapy to thank for introducing us to dolphin succulents, A.K.A. our latest succulent obsession.

The dolphin succulent (known as the Senecio Peregrinus) is actually a hybrid between Senecio Rowleyanus (string of pearls succulents) and Senecio Articulatus (the hot dog cactus). Its nickname was inspired by the fact that its cute little leaves look like dolphins leaping out from the water.

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Speaking of water, dolphin succulents only need to be watered about once a week during their growing season, and only once a month during the winter when they're dormant. You can expect to grow pretty white and pink flowers too.

Because they're a cross-pollination, dolphin succulents are very rare, meaning they can be very tricky to get your hands—er, fins—on. Your best bet is to buy seeds on Etsy and let Mother Nature work her magic.