Bring a fresh spirit to your home with these pristine bloomers.

Christmas is a feast for the senses, with blinking lights, pine-scented boughs, and flamboyant colors all part of the mix. Flowers are important ingredients in the decorating formula, and white blooms offer a refreshing look for holiday decor. Consider this color easygoing or elegant, depending on your style; the beauty of a white blossom is its versatility.

Growing plants produce long-lasting flowers throughout the holiday season. There is a grand assortment of white blooms. You can use them as single specimens or gather them in a composition. Our mantel arrangement sits in a narrow, old box lined with foil for moisture protection. Stately amaryllis reach toward the ceiling, while fluffy white heather fills in below. At the base, miniature cyclamen's airy blooms float above glossy foliage. Finishing touches include variegated ivy, maidenhair fern, and frosty green grapes tucked in the box and cascading over the edge. Shiny ornaments add a dash of color.

While cut flowers have shorter shelf lives than their rooted counterparts, they play a wonderful role in decorating. A single white blossom in a shiny red vase bursts with seasonal cheer. Spice-scented carnations, inexpensive and sturdy, adapt to casual and formal arrangements.

Snow-white Oriental lilies make a dramatic statement, and their fragrance perfumes a room. Purchase stems with a few buds still closed, and you'll have fresh blooms for more than a week. Other easy-to-find options include gerbera daisies, stock, roses, chrysanthemums, and calla lilies. Buy a stem or two of each, and place them in bud vases arranged on a table or tray. The striking simplicity is a welcome approach.

Simple Statements
Dressing up white flowers is a fun study in color. Along with the plant materials you select, the shades you choose to finish the arrangement determine its mood and attitude. Use silver, gold, or cool metallic-tone containers and appointments for quiet elegance. Introduce traditional red, green, and vibrant jewel tones for an easygoing appearance.