11 Dazzling Types of Roses

Pink Roses
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Roses, the reigning monarchs of Southern gardens, come in all colors, sizes, and shapes. From classic heirloom roses to new hybrids, small shrubs to climbing vines, there's no shortage of beautiful roses to choose from, plant in your garden, and enjoy. When selecting the right roses to plant in your garden, it's important to take stock of light, water, and climate requirements. Make a good match, and your roses will thrive. When the plants are well suited to your garden, and vice versa, it's a match made in floral heaven. They'll bloom in their time and are sure to bring you joy all season long. Read on and learn about a few of our favorite types of roses for Southern gardens.

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Climbing Roses

Lady Banks Climbing Roses
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These roses have woody stems that can be trained to climb up trellises, walls, and fences.

Pictured: Rosa 'Lady Banks'

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English Roses

Yellow David Austin Rose Molineux
JudiParkinson/Getty Images

Also known as David Austin roses, these flowers combine the best of old and modern roses and have strong fragrances.

Pictured: Rosa 'Molineux'

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Floribunda Roses

Rosa ‘Queen Elizabeth’
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Originally created by crossing hybrid tea roses with polyantha roses, floribundas produce big clusters of blooms.

Pictured: Rosa 'Queen Elizabeth'

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Grandiflora Roses

Cherry Parfait Rose
Linda Shaw/Getty Images

These roses were produced by crossing floribunda roses with hybrid tea roses. They have tall stems and large flowers.

Pictured: Rosa 'Cherry Parfait'

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Hybrid Tea Roses

Rosa 'Neptune'
JHVEPhoto/Getty Images

These very popular types of roses have the classic bud flower shape. They include selections like 'Double Delight' and 'Mr. Lincoln.'

Pictured: Rosa 'Neptune'

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Miniature Roses

Pink Drift Roses
okimo/Getty Images

Also known as a ground cover rose, these flowers are produced in mounds and grow low to the ground. Learn more about ground cover roses here.

Pictured: Rosa 'Pink Drift'

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Centifolia Roses

Rosa Centifolia
TYNZA/Getty Images

Also known as cabbage roses, these flowers have dense clusters of petals and are very fragrant.

Pictured: Rosa 'Rose des Peintres'

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Damask Roses

Rosa ‘La Ville de Bruxelles’
Andrea_Mangoni/Getty Images

These very old roses are also known by the scientific name Rosa × damascena and are sometimes called the roses of Castile.

Pictured: Rosa 'La Ville de Bruxelles'

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Noisette Roses

Noisette Roses
akimari/Getty Images

These popular climbing roses were cultivated in South Carolina. They can stand up to winter temperatures, and they can clamber up supports like trellises and walls.

Pictured: Rosa 'Blush Noisette'

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Polyantha Roses

Polyantha Roses
HedgerowRose/Getty Images

These roses are compact and produce an abundance of blooms, making them great for containers. They're also known as multiflora roses.

Pictured: Rosa 'Mignonette'

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Bourbon Roses

Bourbon Rose
Paul Starosta/Getty Images

These roses flower repeatedly during the year, and they have classic, broad blooming shapes and strong floral fragrances.

Pictured: Rosa x borboniana 'Variegata di Bologna'

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