Compose a dazzling combination of tropical color that's so hot it's cool. 
Tropical Inspiration
Credit: Melina Hammer
  • Tropical Container Recipe
  • 1. Persian shield
  • 2. ‘Maui Gold' elephant's ear
  • 3. Orange SunPatiens
  • 4. Citronella
  • 5. Angel vine

Are you dreaming of a summer vacation, but the only thing on the horizon is more heat and humidity? It may not be a balmy getaway, but bringing the Tropics to your doorstep is a breeze with this combo: giant-leaved, sunny ‘Maui Gold' elephant's ear; heavily blooming, fiery orange SunPatiens; velvety, fragrant citronella plant; purple iridescent Persian shield; and a heavenly skirt of angel vine spilling down the sides. These striking container companions shrug off our sultry summer heat. Elephant's ears are the ultimate thriller to anchor this container of hot color and lush, light-catching foliage. Extra credit goes to the citronella—both beautiful and a fragrant deterrent to those pesky mosquitoes. What pulls together this dramatic show? A large, shiny glazed pot in shimmering ocean blue. The result is a stunning mix of blazing tropical color. Now where's that piña colada?