Pignut Hickory Tree with Fall Color
Credit: NicoleCastleBrookus/Getty Images

If the South was in a beauty pageant, one of its greatest assets would be its trees. Whether you're admiring the changing colors of the trees that line the Blue Ridge Parkway, ogling the banyan trees in Florida, the "Seven Sisters" Live Oak in St. Tammany Parish, enjoying the magnolias in your backyard, or wandering the eastern red cedars that line William Faulkner's estate, Rowan Oak, trees are an important part of Southern beauty.

While all (okay, most) trees are beautiful not every tree is a champion. Since 1940, the conservation group, American Forests put together a national register of Champion Trees, the biggest, tallest, and most prominent trees in our country. The semi-annual list includes 657 different species and champions from nearly every state and the South is well-represented on the register. Florida has the most champions and co-champions with a whopping 127 champion trees, putting it far ahead of the register's runner-up, Texas, which has 83 trees on the list.

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If you have a Georgia Holly, Southern Sumac, or Texas Swamp-Privet growing in your yard, whip out the measuring tape. They are just two of the more than 200 species of trees that are currently without a champion.

Want to nominate a tree? All you need is a monster tree, a measuring tape, and a ruler to get started. Once you've taken your measurements, nominate your tree here. The tree lovers at American Forests will vet the nominations and perhaps they'll be a champion the next time the list is published.

Here are the South's champion trees:

Fig Strangler in Miami-Dade County, Florida

Water Tupelo in Greensville County, Virginia

Common Baldcypress, Cat Island National Wildlife Refuge, Louisiana

Southern Red Oak in Upson County, Georgia

Montezuma Baldcypress near San Benito, Texas

Hickory Pignut in Dooly County, Georgia

Water Oak in Itawamba, Mississippi

Darlington Oak, in Edgecombe County, North Carolina

Loblolly Pine in Congaree National Park, South Carolina

September Elm in Davidson County TN

Baldcypress Montezuma, San Benito County Texas

Water Tupelo in Greensville County, Virginia