It's in the bag.

By Steve Bender
June 08, 2017
Credit: Steve Bender

I seldom do product reviews on The Grumpy Gardener for two reasons. First, cynical, non-believers out there immediately assume it's a paid endorsement or I was sent the product for free. Second, once a PR firm sees the review, it immediately bombards me with info about other "great" gardening products my readers will want to know about, like garden yetis and drones that pick apples.

However, as Grumpy cares deeply about your enjoyment of the garden, I'm making an exception here. Last weekend, I used a product I really liked. It's lightweight, attractive, inexpensive, and easily performs the essential task of collecting all your garden clippings. It's the 10-gallon Kangaroo Garden Bag from Fiskars.

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Made of vinyl-coated polyester with two strap handles for easy lifting, this bag has an ingenious feature –- an internal spring. Release a couple a couple of stays and it pops up to 16.25 inches tall and wide. After you're finished using it, press it down like an accordion, pop in the stays, and it transforms into a disc that's only three inches wide. This means that, unlike your venerable trug or old wheelbarrow, it takes almost no storage space. You can lay it flat on a shelf or hang it against a garage wall.

Credit: Steve Bender

The Kangaroo 10-gallon Garden Bag from costs a mere $14.99 (there are larger sizes too) and comes with a lifetime warranty. For doubters out there, I bought mine with U.S. dollars, along with that pair of super titanium hedge shears in the top photo.