Grampa's Stand-Up Weeder Is the Yard Tool Saving Gardeners' Knees and Backs

This one’s for all the tired joints out there. 

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Grampa's Stand-Up Weeder
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Unless you're a backyard botanist, avid gardener, or enthusiastic grass mower, it can be hard to work up the motivation to do the yard, especially for those who experience pain from bending over or getting down on their knees to plant flower beds, pick vegetables, or pull up pesky weeds. Come spring and summertime, the colorful flowers and juicy red tomatoes make the first two ventures worth it. Pulling up weeds? Not so much positive reinforcement.

The issue with keeping weeds from taking over your yard or flower beds comes down to how unrelenting the physical aspect can be, no matter if you're using your hands or a handheld weed puller. It can work over your knees, back, neck, and joints each time you have to clean the yard, with the worst part being that they will inevitably try their darndest to grow back and keep taunting us. That's where Grampa's Weeder comes in.

Grampa's Stand-Up Weeder

If the name doesn't make it clear, this tool was designed to make pulling weeds, roots, or dead plants accessible for anyone who doesn't want to have to bend over or get down on their knees again and again, which can be tasking on healthy bodies, let alone those with arthritis or back issues. The extra long bamboo handle reaches the ground easily, while a steel head rips out any unsavory yard greenery with little hassle. The whole thing only weighs three pounds to ensure no strenuous action is required, and the brand offers a 100% lifetime warranty should you have any issues. In fact, Grampa's Original Stand Up Weeder has been regarded as such a genius gardening tool that it's been around for over 100 years.

Overall, this dependable weed remover calls to mind the age-old saying: "They just don't make things like they used to." It makes a great gift for any gardener in your life or homeowner that wants their yard to win the title of cleanest yard in the neighborhood. (We all know him.) Or get one for yourself, because it just makes life a little easier. Shop Grampa's Original Weeder: $36.95;

Whether you're an experienced gardener or novice who wants to learn the ways of the flower bed, this makes a good start.

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