You're fairy friends will be right at home.

Teacup Fairy Garden
Credit: Instagram @myfairypatch

If mermaid gardens had you dreaming in blues and greens, you'll definitely want to check out the teacup fairy gardens that are popping up online. These tiny flights of fancy transform the humble teacup into a miniature fantasy world filled with fairy dust and greenery.

Teacup fairy gardens are simply tiny gardens planted inside teacups and strewn with decorations fit for Thumbelina. Think: acorn houses, spotted toadstools, moss-strewn rocks, tiny twigs bent into tiny chairs, and rose-petal bird baths. It turns a standard terrarium into a fairy-filled day dream.

Not only are these teacup gardens a mood-brightening bit of green space, but they are also a great way to finally make use of those lone tea cups that seem to lurk in the corners of cupboards and the chipped mugs that are unearthed every time you clean out the basement. Now, instead of tossing them out, you can turn them into a craft project.

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Like with mermaid gardens, find supplies on Etsy or at the local craft and toy store. Look for small succulents and moss at the local nursery, and then start build your fairy world. As Country Living points out, there are plenty of tutorials online, including YouTube and CampMakery and lots of fairy garden inspiration on Instagram. Once you've figured out your pint-sized architectural wonder, tap into your imagination and get to work, either alone or you can let your kids play too. (No judgement!) If you have an extra teacup or two lying around, consider making a fairy tale-worthy terrarium to cheer up your next-door neighbor or as an end-of-year present for your child's teacher.

These tabletop gardens are also the perfect option for anyone with a green thumb and an active imagination, but no place to garden to get a bit of nature in their world. In short, they're all that and a cup of tea.