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Cropped Hands Of Woman With Potted Succulent Plants Against White Background
Credit: Mariâ Larionova / EyeEm

These days, we're all about nurturing our low-maintenance houseplant collection (heck, we've even recently gotten into the practice of naming our houseplants). And what's one of the easiest plants to care for? Succulents. Available in many varieties, these easy to maintain plants look wonderful on the porch or on a windowsill, and are affordable to boot. Bottom line: When it comes to being a lazy plant parent, you really can't do much better than the drought-tolerant succulent.

That's why we were so excited when we saw a recent post on Instagram from unofficial Costco fan page, Costco Buys, revealing a three-pack of five-inch succulents available at Costco for $17.99. Each succulent comes in a chic off-white patterned planter and for what amounts to about $5.99 per plant, we think it's one of the best plant deals we've spotted of late.

Per the sign depicted in one of the photos, these plants thrive in bright, indirect light and require water when dry to the touch. The trio of succulents also makes an excellent gift, especially to someone you know who's home-bound amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Not a Costco member but in the market for succulents? We've got you covered: Bloomscape's String of Succulents Collection ($65) has us completely gushing. These plants also have quite the endearing species names: String of Pearls, String of Pickles, and String of Bananas. For this collection, the playful trio of succulents comes potted in your choice of a terracotta, alabaster or basalt planter. We may very well splurge on a set to gift to a loved one and pick up an extra one for ourselves. (Bonus: If for some reason the plant dies within 30 days, Bloomscape will replace it for free.)

Credit: Bloomscape

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Share with us: Do you keep succulents in your home? If so, where's your favorite place to buy these plants? Any special ways you love displaying them?