Looking for cute succulents? These bunny ear succulents take the carrot — erm, cake.
Bunny in Field
Credit: Sergio Dilingua / EyeEm/Getty Images

Some plants are elegant. Others remind us of romance. Some are colorful and bold. Others are just darn cute.

Bunny ear succulents, you most certainly fall into the last of those categories. Monilaria obconica, as they are formally known, look like adorable little, green bunny heads when they first start growing.

As Martha Stewart reported, these bunny succulents are actually native to South Africa and are "described as drought-induced deciduous plants." You can buy the seeds on Etsy here.

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Even though we just missed displaying these succulents as an Easter table decoration, we think these sweet bunnies would look wonderful perched on our windowsill or our desk any time of year.