How To Plant a Succulent Container Garden

Perfect for the patio or deck, this forgiving succulent container looks great even if you forget to water.

If you want to start a garden but don't know if you've been gifted with a green thumb, a succulent garden is a great option. Perfect for the patio or deck, this forgiving succulent container looks great even if you forget to water.

Succulents are a great starter plant for beginning gardeners. While most plants require water daily, succulents can retain water for long periods of time making them low maintenance in comparison. They require soil that drains well and will not thrive if they are over-watered. While this container garden can easily thrive outdoors in a sunny spot, beware of frost. If the temperature dips too low, it may be best to bring your container garden indoors. It can still thrive, thanks to succulents' ability to thrive in dry air and warm weather. The start of your container garden will require a trip to your local nursery. There you can find everything you need to get your garden started smoothly.

Array of colorful succulents in terra cotta pots
Succulents come in every color of the rainbow and offer marvelous flexibility for garden design when planted in pots.

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First, you want to choose your succulents and container. Vary your selection in height, texture, shape and color for added interest. The more variation, the more dimension and character your garden will have. As for your container, choose one with a wide opening so your succulent selection will both fit and fill it out. Once your succulents and container are chosen, fill the container halfway with succulent and cacti soil mix. Spread it evenly throughout the container. Next, take your succulents, which should still be in their nursery pots, and experiment with placement. Try different layouts to see what way they fit best. Then remove each plant from its nursery pot and begin to place them in the planter. As you place them, fill in surrounding area with soil to make sure each plant is securely placed in the container. After each succulent is added to the planter, cover with small decorative stones or pebbles. When complete, place the planter in an outdoor spot with bright to medium light. Check on the planter every so often and when the soil is dry to the touch, add water.

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