Create a simple sanctuary to enjoy all that summer has to offer.
Sitting Pretty
Adirondack chairs and a matching table make the perfect spot to enjoy a snack after a game of croquet. When shopping for a chair look for one that's oversize with wide arms.

A certain measure of anticipation comes with summer. It always seems that you're busy through the last day of May, but come June, your pace, pulse, and mind-set begin to drift to another place. This time of year, we all slow down, take a deep breath, and enjoy.

You can't appreciate the season by sitting inside. A special relaxation takes place when you while away an afternoon reading in a hammock, laugh with family and friends after a game in the front yard, or simply rest at the end of an evening in an old porch swing.

Creating a Special Place
You can enjoy the outdoors by creating a sanctuary in your yard. An affordable lawn chair or classic bench tucked under a favorite tree or out in the open is a great start. Simply pick the furniture you want, put it where you like, and relax. You can move it around to catch the light, or use it as a permanent focal point in your landscape. For even more fun, consider adding at least two pieces to give you place for conversation.

For lounging and napping, you can't beat the comfort of a hammock. It might take a little time to set up, but the serenity it will offer is well worth the effort.

Picking the Right Place

The trick to a hammock is finding the best place to hang it. It can take up a lot of room, so locate it as far away from the house as possible. Look for a place that catches a breeze and offers some shade.

Buying Tips

  • Before you buy, try to sit in the chair or lie in the hammock that you're considering.
  • Buy sturdy furniture made for outdoor use. Keep wood sealed or painted to extend its life. Pay close attention to sealing the bottom of the legs.
  • Choose pieces with wide legs so they won't sink into wet ground.