Associate Garden Editor, Southern Living Magazine
Rebecca Bull Reed
Credit: Van Chaplin

Rebecca Bull Reed, a native of Santee, South Carolina, graduated from Clemson University with a Bachelors of Science and Masters of Science in Horticulture. Hired by Ciba Geigy Corporation as an agricultural sales rep, she managed accounts in eleven eastern North Carolina counties. Though she loved the interaction and educational capacity her job afforded, she missed her passion: landscape design.

Stepping down from her position, Rebecca went to work for a local garden center, offering to do designs on commission. Within a year, she opened her own firm, and within two years, Southern Living hired the young designer to establish and run their Custom Landscape Design Service. In the five years that followed, Rebecca, working with marketing, was instrumental in developing the Southern Living Lowe's Lawn and Garden Seminar series and served as one of the program presenters. During that period, she delivered over 100 garden seminars for both the professional and novice gardener, co-hosted the "Let's Get Growing" radio program with Tom Batt, was featured on television, and served as an instructor for those seeking certification as an Alabama Certified Nurseryman.

In 1998, Rebecca moved to Seattle, Washington, with her husband David for his career. As the online Garden Editor for SunGro Horticulture, she actively aided in the creation of the world's largest garden database at that time (and survived the dot com years).

In the year 2000, she and David welcomed their new daughter Phoebe and Rebecca returned to her core passion: landscape design. Receiving numerous awards of excellence for her designs, she served as a horticultural consultant for several Seattle landscape architecture firms and ran her own business. Prior to returning to Southern Living in 2004, Rebecca served as a buyer, visual merchandiser, and sales consultant for Herban Patio, which specialized in high-end pottery and outdoor furniture.

Today, Rebecca delights in bringing the best of the South to over 16 million readers. With each story brought to print, she draws from past experiences, and presents them in current light for today's reader.