WATCH: When Is It Too Late To Plant Hydrangeas in the South?

Enjoy these blooming beauties on schedule.

Southern gardeners love their hydrangeas. Whether big or small, pink or blue, bigleaf or panicle, there's a hydrangea selection and style for every space. When looking forward to the next blooming season and deciding what to plant in the garden (and when!), gardeners may begin to wonder when is too late to plant hydrangeas in the South. Read on for the answer to that question, some guidelines for planting hydrangeas, and a few other things to remember that will help ensure the plants establish themselves well and grow healthily in your garden.

Hydrangea planting tip number one? Plant well before the first frost. It's best to plant hydrangeas in either spring or fall, as they establish better in milder weather than they do in extreme heat or cold. According to the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, "Fall planting time is best because it gives the plant several months to establish a new root system before blooming. Early spring is the next best planting time. Extra attention to watering is important if planting in summer or for any new plants in a raised planting."

Once you've penciled in hydrangea planting on your calendar, it's time to get your hands dirty. The Alabama Cooperative Extension System recommends, "Dig[ging] the planting hole 2 feet wider than the plant's root ball and only as deep as the root ball itself. In heavy soils, consider preparing a planting bed instead of single planting holes. Amend any hydrangea planting with compost to create a mound. This raised planting allows better drainage for roots." Keeping your hydrangeas mulched in cold weather and adequately watered in well-draining soil throughout the year are important ways to keep hydrangeas happy and healthy.

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Are you planning to plant hydrangeas this fall? What hydrangea selections have you had your eye on this year?

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