It's an eye-catching spiller for your hanging baskets.

String-of-Pearls Plant
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Looking to plant something new this season? Succulents are great easy-care choices for gardeners who are short on time and looking to tend something that's both very green and very low-maintenance. But most everyone knows that by now. Something we didn't know? There's a succulent named for our favorite piece of classic jewelry. We thought we'd seen every variety of succulent—aloe, hens and chicks, jade, echeveria, etc.—until we found this one. Once string-of-pearls caught our eyes, we knew we had to plant a few.

Like the rest of its succulent relatives, string-of-pearls is a drought-tolerant planting that needs very little attention. What distinguishes it is its form. It's a succulent vine with strands covered in small, round spheres. The succulent "beads" resemble tiny marbles, miniature grapes, or, as the name suggests, bright green pearls, which cover the plant's long trailing stems. Its appearance lends itself to hanging container gardens, where it can act as a dramatic spiller. It's a vining succulent, so it can also creep along the ground.

String-of-pearls belongs to the family Asteraceae. Its scientific name is Senecio rowleyanus, and it's also called string-of-pearls or string-of-beads. It thrives in well-drained soil and only needs watering once the soil has dried out completely. (Careful not to overwater!) It likes bright, indirect light and can be tended outside or in. The plant tends to grow lengthwise, rather than widthwise, and its trailing stems can reach lengths of up to 3 feet. String-of-pearls is a favorite, but it is classified as a toxic plant if ingested, so be sure to keep it away from children and pets.

This globular succulent vine is so distinctive. It's both eye-catching and unusual enough to be a conversation starter—don't you want to plant some strings-of-pearls in your containers this season? For more succulent gardening inspiration, check out this succulent wreath and these succulent container gardens.

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What's your favorite succulent selection to grow? Do you have any string-of-pearls plants growing in your garden?