The Philodendron Pink Princess Sells for Up to $1,999.95 on Etsy

This pink plant is truly gorgeous.

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Houseplants are one of the most affordable and beautiful ways to take your interior design up a notch. Orchids. Succulents. Corn plants. The list goes on and on. But did you know that some houseplants can be a real splurge? Behold: The philodendron pink princess, which as Apartment Therapy recently reported can get $100 or more just for its cuttings (the part of the plant that you use to re-plant and grow your own). Considering how stunning they are, we can definitely appreciate why they're so pricy.

"The Pink Princess is a rare and much sought after philodendron with stunning, variegated dark green and pink leaves," says Joyce Mast, Plant Mom at Bloomscape. "One of the reasons it is expensive is due to the fact that growers cannot guarantee every plant of this variety will actually have enough pink on the green leaves to sell as a pink princess," she continues, adding that, many of these plants end up being discarded if there's not enough or any pink variegation. As pretty as all pink leaves may seem, it's not good for the plant's health: "Growers need to make sure there is both the pink and the green variegation on the leaves — if a leaf is mostly pink, it will eventually die since it lacks chlorophyll," she further notes.

Pink Princess Philodendron
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Despite the hefty price tag, these plants are relatively easy to care for, and Mast provides some care tips below:

  • If you notice your plant is looking either too green or too pink, prune your plant to just above a well variegated leaf in order to give your plant the opportunity to begin new growth.
  • Your pink princess philodendron does not require extra special care. You are able to treat it like any other philodendron — it prefers indirect, bright light, so place it by an east-facing window indoors or a shady area outdoors. Avoid direct sunlight as it will burn the leaves.
  • Make sure your plant has well-draining soil and some humidity, and be sure to use pots with drainage holes.

On Etsy, you can buy the coveted plants from around $89 and up. Etsy's best-selling philodendron pink princess in a four-inch pot from seller PhillySecretGarden will set you back $200. There's even a philodendron pink princess with full pink moon and white half moon leaves from seller TWPTropical on Etsy that sells for $1,999.95. If you really have your heart set on the philodendron pink princess, you can also try reaching out to a local nursery which may have some lower priced options. Personally, we might go for a philodendron pink princess leaf-shaped throw pillow from 1pink1plants on Etsy for $44.99.

It's a regal plant, for sure, but with a price fit for a princess, the pillow might be our best bet for now. Will you fork over the green for this pretty pink plant?

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